Inspire YOU, Friday Feature ~ 2B Seen Photography

Angee’s work has always caught my eye on the IMIB wall.  I find her work captivating and beautiful.  She has a way of shooting moments that really speak to me and just make me either want to be there or like I am right there with her seeing what she is.  Simple, stunning and truly inspiring.  So it was a no brainer for me to contact her asap for a featured artist interview.  Let’s get to know Angee of 2B Seen Photography a little better…

Hi Angee.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?  Where you’re from etc….

Hey!  I’m Angee and I’m from central Missouri.  I work as a full time accountant and a photography enthusiast on the side.  I’m also mom to a 10-year-old boy and recently engaged to my long-term boyfriend.  We’re getting married next month!
Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (2)

How long have you been a photographer?

I found my passion in high school a million years ago but just created a Facebook page at the end of 2013 with some strong encouragement and persuasion from a dear friend.  She works with me now as an assistant and we have a blast creating together.

Can you describe your style of photography in three words? 

Emotive, moody, sentimental.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (1)

What is it about photography that keeps you clicking away? 

Photography is my passion, my creative outlet.  I love using wardrobe and location choices to make a vision come to life.  I’m also a very sentimental person and photography allows to me to capture and preserve those fleeting memories that I hold so dear.  I have been a scrapbooker since 1997 and every year I create a slideshow for the family to watch on Christmas.  It’s just what I have always done.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (3)

Is there a certain style of photography that you would love to try and you haven’t had chance to yet?

I would love to get into street and lifestyle photography.  I would also love to travel for photography.  Everywhere.  I have serious wanderlust.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (4)

What do you have in your photo kit bag right now?

Nikon D610 with a Sigma Art 35mm attached.  I also carry a speedlight that I have used a handful of times as well as a Nikon 50mm that I use for freelensing.  Along with that I carry an extra battery, extra SD cards, and a lenspen.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (5)

If money was no object what’s on your photography wish list?

I would love to have the new Lensbaby Velvet 56.  Someday it shall be mine!  I would also like to have a 70-200mm lens for the baseball field.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (7)

If you ever get stuck in a rut what do you do to get out of it and what would you advise to others?

I joined a Project 52 this year and it has helped immensely with this.  Since there is an assignment each week it forces me to just keep shooting.  Some weeks I am just ok with what I get and others I just love it.  Either way, at least I’m still shooting.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (6)

Do you have any projects coming up or any photography ‘fun stuff’ to look forward to?

I’m going on vacation with the family in July to Colorado and all I keep imagining are the amazing photos I plan to take in the mountains.  I can’t wait for that.

Angee Smith. 2B Seen Photography_DSC1749-fb (8)

What are your preferences?  Colour or Black and White… Lightroom or Photoshop… Prime lenses or zooms…

I love both color and black and white, but I am really drawn to a moody black and white.  I use Lightroom and do some fine tuning in Photoshop if I need to.  I like prime lenses but would also like to have a good zoom in my arsenal.  So basically I like it all.

Thank you so much for having me!!

Thank you so much Angee for taking part in my interview.  It’s been great getting to know you a little better!

Fleur x


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