Friday Feature ~ Mountain Pearl Photography

Please help us welcome the crazy talented, super lovely Jen Fredette of Mountain Pearl Photography to our group.

Jen’s work speaks for itself, each of her crisp and clean images tell a story! We are excited to welcome such an enthusiastic, talented lady to our team.

Check out Jen’s interview below to get to know her a little better!

Can you tell us a little about yourself..
I am a wife to an amazingly supportive husband and together we have four far-too-witty children. We live on a 20-acre homestead in western Montana with our furry German Shepherd Ursa. I also own Mountain Pearl Media, a web, graphic design, and marketing business, and I teach marketing workshops across Montana. I have a love for delicious food, strong coffee, travel, an intriguing book, and infectious laughter. I am happiest wherever my family is, but making photos is a close second.


Can you tell us how your photography journey began and where you see yourself in the next few years.
I have really been taking photos for as long as I can remember, but didn’t really get into until we got our first DSLR back when I was pregnant with our third child (2010). From there I brought that camera with us every where, and thanks to social media, people started seeing the images of our family and wanted me to the same for them. Things really just took off, and I have officially been a business since 2013. In the next few years, I really see myself continuing to hone my skill, and perfect my signature style. I’d love to do more travel for weddings and other sessions, as well.

Are you working on any personal projects if so can you tell us a bit about them.
At the moment, I am not. Life is a little too busy at the moment, unfortunately.


What’s in your camera bag?

My Sony a850, 85 1.5, 50 1.7, 50mm macro, 70-200, and business cards 🙂


What has been your biggest challenge thus far in your journey and how did you work through it?

My biggest challenge has definitely been recognizing my worth. It’s difficult when you leave in an area that is saturated with photographers, many of them doing full sessions for such cheap prices. Being able to emphasize to potential clients the importance of quality over quantity can be difficult sometimes, but I have come to realize that not everyone is the right client for me. Not everyone appreciates the full beauty of photography. Not everyone understands what goes into being a photographer, and that is perfectly okay. My clients come to me for my style, my personality, and the experience I give to them each and every time.


Tell us about your dream shoot?

My dream shoot involves a canopied wooded area with gorgeous golden hour lighting.


Is there a type or style of photography that you haven’t tried yet but would like to venture into one day?

I am just getting into film, so I am excited to see where that takes me.

What is top of your photography wish list?

Right now, 100mm macro lens.


What kind of tools do you use for post processing? Explain your work flow. (Photoshop? Lightroom? Actions, presets?)

I have a 27inch iMac desktop that is my baby. I edit 98% of each image in ACR, then put on some finishing touches in Photoshop. I love using Florabella actions.


How do you educate yourself to take better pictures and improve your own work?

I am constantly practicing and striving to improve myself as a photographer. I push myself outside of both my comfort zone AND the proverbial box. Doing this really has helped me.

Among your images, do you have a favorite? Why? (Please show us)

Choosing a favorite is always so tough, but right now, it would have to be this free-lensed image of an apple blossom I took this spring. I love the soft light and colors of it, and the ethereal feeling I get when viewing it. It had also been nearly 8 months since I had last free-lensed, and it felt so good to be out there doing it again.


Whose work has influenced you most? Who do you regularly stalk? (Please link us up!)

The work of the legendary Paul Strand has definitely been my biggest influence. As for stalking, the list is awfully long:

Nikki Bosch
Aniya Legnaro
Alana Tisch
Kent Johns



What is the one thing you wish you knew when you first started taking photos that you feel is invaluable now?

Never compare yourself to other photographers. Foster friendships and relationships with others in your field, but don’t compare yourself to them. You need to concentrate on yourself and your work, and worrying about what everyone else is doing will only hinder your growth. Just be you.


Describe your style in 3words..


Give us three random facts about yourself..
I was born in Louisiana, raised in New York, now live in Montana
All four of our children were born at home
I am also a doula.


Thank you Jen! ~ Ellie


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