Our Story

*** ETA.. March 1st 2016.. Please find our new set up here… ***


“Inspire me, Inspired be” is the ‘love child’ of Ellie. It is run by Ellie, Rene, Tammy, Nicola and Jen.

It came to be after Ellie had decided to spread some inspirational love upon the land of Facebook and its every dying reach to the public, via its pages. After posting an idea online, (and despite Ellie’s idea ramblings) the super talented ladies, Jamie, Laura, Fleur, Tammy, Cindy, Rene and Melissa decided to come on board, and so “Inspire me, Inspired be” was born.

Our hope for this new venture is to inspire old and new photographers with our images and those of others that enjoy our work enough, to share theirs with us too. We plan to share with you our love for photography, our lives through our images and the love we have for our favourite inspirational photographers.

You can find us on Facebook HERE, where we would love for you to share with us your favourite daily images for feature chances.

Please keep an eye out for our “Inspire YOU, Friday feature” starting Friday 6th of March where each week we get to know one of our admins a little more intimately. This will then evolve on to admins favourite artists.

Lastly we have “Inspire ALL, Theme Mondays”! This will run weekly from Monday to Monday, The theme winner picks our next theme and guest judges with us for the duration of their theme also picking the winner from their theme. We will feature our favourite images from each theme too.

We hope you will come to love this little spot as much as we already do, and that it inspires you as much as you all inspire us.

Big Thank you to Tess, Laura, Tammy, Fleur, Jamie, Cindy, Rene and Melissa for helping to make this idea come to life and helping to build such a wonderful little (ever growing) community.

You can find more info on each of us by clicking the ‘Getting to know us’ menu button.

Much love! ~ Ellie


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